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The GDPR is the single most important development in European data law in the last 20 years. It is expected to fundamentally change the personal data landscape and, due to its pervasive nature, all EU based firms are expected to fall under its scope. from assessing the current state to helping with setting up internal procedures to Handke requests from at a subjects. Hansuke has been assisting organisations with the implementation of their GDPR Program.


The U.S.Foreign Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA"), went live on 1 July 2014 and seeks to advise US citizens who are holding funds in offshore accounts. It obliges Financial Institutions around the world to to fulfil certain obligations.

Our Experienced team can draw on t he practice; knowledge of over 50 FATCA implementation projects in the UK and overseas, to help you develop governance around your ongoing compliance procedures and meet your due diligence reporting obligations and be ready for a Revenue authority compliance review.


Indirect taxes have an impact on all businesses of all sizes across all the sectors. For the Financial Services industry, VAT is increasingly recognised as a specialist and complex matter.


The nature or place of a supply can have huge financial consequences especially in property and other transnational matters.


We help our clients efficiently manage their VAT by negotiating with the authorities and advising on complex transactions. We can support full or partial VAT compliance outsourcing, identify the right partial exemption method and review accounting system.

VAT, GST and other Sales Taxes 

It is essential for employers to regularly review their employment tax compliance processes and procedures. Hansuke has a wealth of experience providing clients with expert and practical advice to create clarity, maximise efficiencies, recognise opportunities and reduce the magnitude of potential tax pitfall

Employment Tax 

The Corporate Criminal Offences of failure to have procedures in place to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion is the latest weapon in the global fight against tax evasion. it is expected to to commence in September 2017.


Our unique blend of former HMRC, Legal and big-4 accountancy personnel, with over 100 years' cumulative experience of the financial services industry will be able to assist you in each stage of your compliance process.

Corporate Criminal Offences 

As per the international fight against tax evasion in 2014 the OECD announced the introduction of the Common Reporting Standard ("CRS") to allow countries  automatically exchange information relating to financial accounts held by overseas tax residents. Over 100 countries have committed to the first two waves of the exchange.

Hansuke has extensive  experience in assisting financial institutions around the globe to understand align their businesses to meet their obligations under CRS. We have a team of well-renowned experts who have worked with many Financial institutions and Governments, both at policy and operational level, in implementing the CRS regime.


Securities Taxation Advisory is a specialism of Hansuke. We have practical expertise supported by tax authority experience. Our Managing Director is a leading authority in the field of securities taxation, having worked with leading sovereign institutions, broker-dealers, securities lending agents, asset managers and custodial

Securities Tax 

The US Qualified Intermediary (“QI”) Regime places obligations on the payers of US-source Fixed, Determinable, Annual, Periodic (“FDAP”) income to identify and document their customers under a contract (a “QI Agreement”) with the US Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”).  The QI Agreement may also provide for withholding and payment of tax.

The QI Agreement sets out the requirements of the periodic review and the nature of the information that is to be provided to the IRS as part of the certification process.  There is an emphasis on the holistic compliance approach that requires an analysis of QI’s policies, procedures and controls.

Our experienced team can draw on the practical experience in conducting QI periodic reviews and remediations over many years. We help you to develop governance around your ongoing compliance procedures and to meet your reporting and certification obligations to the IRS.

Qualified Intermediary Regime 

Cyber threats are continually exploiting vulnerabilities resulting in breaches of corporate networks and theft of sensitive data. Consequently, organisations are left facing large financial losses and a tarnished brand. Hansuke has the expertise to help clients understand their risk landscape and devise practical solutions to achieve a state of acceptable residual risk. 


Hansuke also has extensive experience in assisting clients in influencing change, conducting needs assessments, implementing awareness programs and developing and delivering training.

Security Awareness 

Technology is transforming how we interact with one another, solve complex issues and carry out everyday tasks. It has revolutionized the financial services industry too in the way consumers expect to access, use and manage their money.

Hardly a single day goes by without a cyber security related incident, resulting in either a security breach, loss of sensitive data or a regulatory fine, the cost of which is in the billions of pounds yearly to the global economy. This has led the FCA to highlight cyber crime as a key risk to firms and to retain it as one of its current priorities. Our Team have extensive experience in assisting clients in a variety of Cyber Security services

Cyber Security 
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