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Governance & Assurance

Governance is critical to the financial sector. The safety and soundness of financial firms depends on clear accountabilities and a positive stewardship culture. Regulators and other key stakeholders expect open and transparent communications. We infuse trust through our independent assurance programmes.

Effective governance seeks to safeguard the interests of stakeholders in conformity with public interest, on a sustainable basis. Proper allocation of authority and accountability of a firm’s business, between its board and senior management is critical. Effective oversight is exercised through reporting and transparency. Independent verification and assurance instil confidence and trust in the financial sector and across the economy as a whole.

Through our regular dialogue with the board and senior management of financial firms, we are able to share our technical and commercial insights.

Our governance and assurance engagements are highly respected and valued for their technical astuteness and commercial insights that are grounded in professionalism, independence and objectivity.

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Our FS training academy, Hansuke Gakkō comes from the Japanese word for ‘school’, encapsulating our ethos of perpetual learning and skill acquisition, as well as the accumulation of knowledge through practice. ‍

We provide FS-focused, specialist training programmes and bespoke workshops to ensure clients are well-equipped to implement effectual operational and governance practices.  

We deliver practical training experiences that educate, inspire, inform and build technically skilled learning communities. Our programmes are led by technical experts who employ leading andragogical methods, including case-studies and real-life experiences, to keep busy executives up to date with leading-edge thinking in the discipline.

Recent Hansuke Gakkō initiatives have included the organisation of a practical workshop on CCO Risk Assessment in collaboration with the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) and Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI).

Our in-house technical training and workshop delivery includes:

  • Tax Transparency and Governance: AEoI (CRS, FATCA), DAC6, QI, CCO, VAT;
  • Financial Crime: Anti-bribery, AML/ KYC, Whistleblowing, CDD Remediation;
  • Risk & Assurance: Internal audit, Board Effectiveness, Operational Resilience, Corporate Governance, PSD2;
  • GDPR & Data Privacy; and
  • Regulatory Reporting: Preparations for IT Audit

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