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At Hansuke, we are at the forefront of the emergent tax agenda for financial institutions. Our services range from traditional tax compliance through to tax advisory. Irrespective of an assignment’s nature, our clients benefit from the depth of our technical tax expertise, combined with our real-world commercial experience. This fusion of technical and practical approaches enables us to deliver pragmatic, implementable solutions.

For financial firms, the emergent tax transparency regimes have made taxation a 'top of the agenda' item for boards of directors. Whilst some may settle to meet the minimum requirements of regulatory demands, more enlightened boards take positive steps to articulate their Tax Strategy and Tax Risk Appetite. These in turn are supported by proper tax governance frameworks designed to align company culture and behaviour with the stated board-approved tax policies.

In a complex and tax-uncertain world, Hansuke is helping leading financial firms make sense of the new tax agenda and steer their own course aligned with their values, mission and the expectations of their key stakeholders. We offer a wide range of specialised and niche tax solutions to assist financial firms in making important strategic decisions.

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GDPR Services

GDPR is the single most important development in European data law in the last 20 years and has fundamentally changed the data privacy landscape. It has an extensive penal regime whereby infringements could result in penalties of up to €20m or up to 4% of annual global turnover, whichever is greater. Beyond the pecuniary, firms must guard against reputational damage, and resultant loss of business. 

At Hansuke, we specialise in the provision of GDPR related services. Our services range from raising awareness levels at the board level, to implementing customer-specific protocols. We help our clients understand compliance gaps, assist with the development of a GDPR framework, and inculcate a ‘data-conscious culture’ that improves data hygiene and decreases the risk of a data breach and regulatory fines. Our information security and data management experts bring extensive experience from leading banks, consulting firms, FCA, and PRA’s skilled panel for operational risk to facilitate GDPR compliance projects.

Our Approach:

  • Raising awareness: Running awareness sessions and creating aGDPR-aware culture;
  • Assessing readiness: Conducting health checks and data audits within the organisation 
  • Procedures and protocols; and
  • Providing governance and assurance: Designing and implementing management tools to ensure ongoing compliance.

SAO Services

The SAO regime, as introduced in FA 2009 (Schedule 46), ensures that qualifying companies have appropriate tax accounting arrangements in place which enables the correct and accurate tax liabilities to be reported to HMRC. Hansuke is actively engaged in improving the quality of SAO reporting, governance and assurance. We assist our clients implement continuously improving end-to-end business processes that drive tax performance through performance measurement systems.

Under the SAO regime, the responsible officer is required to personally certify that their organisational systems are fit for the purpose of reporting taxes. Our experts possess extensive in-house and HMRC experience that is deployed to help clients discharge their SAO obligations. With a record number of fines and sanctions being imposed by HMRC for SAO failures, it is important for firms to ensure that this important tax governance area is properly managed with regular and meaningful reporting on compliance standards to the board of directors.

OUR Services


Our FS training academy, Hansuke Gakkō comes from the Japanese word for ‘school’, encapsulating our ethos of perpetual learning and skill acquisition, as well as the accumulation of knowledge through practice. ‍

We provide FS-focused, specialist training programmes and bespoke workshops to ensure clients are well-equipped to implement effectual operational and governance practices.  

We deliver practical training experiences that educate, inspire, inform and build technically skilled learning communities. Our programmes are led by technical experts who employ leading andragogical methods, including case-studies and real-life experiences, to keep busy executives up to date with leading-edge thinking in the discipline.

Recent Hansuke Gakkō initiatives have included the organisation of a practical workshop on CCO Risk Assessment in collaboration with the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) and Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI).

Our in-house technical training and workshop delivery includes:

  • Tax Transparency and Governance: AEoI (CRS, FATCA), DAC6, QI, CCO, VAT;
  • Financial Crime: Anti-bribery, AML/ KYC, Whistleblowing, CDD Remediation;
  • Risk & Assurance: Internal audit, Board Effectiveness, Operational Resilience, Corporate Governance, PSD2;
  • GDPR & Data Privacy; and
  • Regulatory Reporting: Preparations for IT Audit

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