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About FSTC 2024
Hansuke’s 6th Annual Financial Services Tax Conference will offer a compelling programme, reviewing the most important developments and issues facing Heads of Tax in the FS and Fintech industry. It will feature influential speakers, from politicians and journalists to leading practitioners, academics, and thinkers.Topics will include artificial intelligence, withholding taxes, the automatic exchange of information, tax integrity and more.

Keynote Sessions and Speakers

Battling tax evasion and regulating excesses

Paul Tang
PvdA Eurodelegatie
Tax policies determining the attractiveness of London as a global financial centre

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli
Lord Mayor City of London Corporation
City of London Corporation

Technical Sessions

AEoI is aging disgracefully
A decade on, the twin Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) regimes FATCA and CRS, present new compliance challenges for financial institutions. From customer onboarding to data integrity, tax authorities are increasingly focusing on effectiveness of compliance programmes. Privacy concerns and data protection regulations add another layer of complexity, necessitating careful handling of sensitive personal information. Keeping pace with evolving AEOI standards and requirements demands ongoing investment in technology and expertise. Our expert panel will discuss the shifting sands of global tax transparency and effective strategies to achieve and maintain compliance.
Tax Problems, Tech Solutions
We stand at the cusp of a brave new world. Advanced technology solutions will address perennial tax problems through the automation of processes, utilising of data analytics for planning and compliance, implementing of blockchain for transparency, and leveraging cloud computing for secure data storage. Machine learning will predict tax outcomes and optimise strategies. These innovations will come to streamline operations, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with evolving tax regulations. Our panel of tax futurologists will share their insights on what is already in the realms of possible.
Rise of the Tax Spiritualists
BEPS, ATAD3, and DAC6 have reshaped the tax landscape by enhancing transparency and curbing tax avoidance. Tax structuring and advisory services remain indispensable for businesses seeking to navigate these complexities while optimising their tax positions within the strictures of legal and ethical boundaries.Our expert panel will discuss the shift from the letter to the spirit of the law, the pragmatic approaches to avoiding public censure and what the future holds.
WHT Reclaims: Old wine in a New bottle
Challenges in EU dividend withholding tax reclaims involve comparability issues with third countries, differing tax systems, and administrative practices. Resolving disputes requires interpreting EU law and tax treaties, harmonising procedures, enhancing cooperation, and oodles of patience!
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FS Tax Conference 2021

The Future of Tax

November 10 - 11
November 10 - 11
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