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Tax Integrity

Financial firms increasingly act as agents of tax authorities. Tax transparency regimes such as DAC6, Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI), Corporate Criminal Offence (CCO), Reporting Fund Status (RFS) and Qualified Intermediary (QI) require classification of organisational structures, products, services and key offerings. We assist clients by focusing on operational tax regulations, systems, processes and controls to help protect and enhance reputational objectives with key business stakeholders such as customers, investors and regulators.

Operational and Investment Tax

Our world-class team of leading industry experts are uniquely focused on the financial sector, within the operational and investment taxation domain. Hansuke provides a range of taxation services, including DAC6, AEoI, CCO, RFS, QI, and Securities Lending Advisory services.

Services offered

AEoI Services

CCO Services

DAC6 Services

QI Services

RFS Services

Securities Tax Services

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