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The Speakers

Michel Braun
WTS Germany
Steffen GnutzmaNn
WTS Global
Paul Hondius
Ali Kazimi
WTS Hansuke
Alderman Professor
Michael Mainelli

City of London Corporation
Patrick Reidy
Capital Group
Ingolf Schneider-Deters
Allianz Capital Partners GmbH
Liam Stanbridge
BNY Mellon
Dr. Kunka Petkova
German Federal
Ministry of Finance
Robert Welzel
WTS Global
Helen Whiteman
Chartered Institute
of Taxation
Len Lipton
Corinna Hedtke
Standard Chartered Bank
Dr. Frederek Schuska
European Commission
Alan craven
Phoenix TP Limited
Tove Maria Ryding
The European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad)
Karrie Tilburn
TIARA FinTech Solutions Limited
Jenny Himsley
Hardeep Soor
Starling Bank
Graham Tilbury
WTS Hansuke

FS Tax Conference 2021

The Future of Tax

November 10 - 11
November 10 - 11
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