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AEoI 2022

Automatic Exchange of Information in 2022

Bespoke Reporting Service

Financial firms operate within a complex tax ecosystem. Tax transparency and tax fraud prevention is at the top of the agenda. Tax authorities expect firms to be AEoI compliant and will hold senior management and directors fully accountable.

Discerning clients demand that their AEOI reporting be handled by tax experts with data protection being a priority. Hansuke’s team of tax and data experts are supported by leading technology and provide a bespoke service to meet your exact requirements in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.

" We know exactly what tax authorities are after. Our quality ethos ensures that complete and accurate files are lodged with the respective tax authorities. Most of all, this is all done in a robust and secure manner. "

Chris Orchard
AEoI Reporting Services Leader

Our Solution

Our robust process ensures full GDPR compliance and adherence with the requisite tax authority obligations. The Hansuke advantage minimises risk and lends unrivalled technical expertise.

  • Hansuke’s AEOI Reporting Service is helping leading financial institutions to securely report sensitive customer data across multiple jurisdictions.
  • A fully automated service with a strong emphasis on customer data security.
  • Up to date schemas for AEOI filings in over 80+ jurisdictions.
  • Unsurpassed tax technical quality standards with Chris Orchard, former HMRC AEOI Lead, in charge of AEOI Reporting Service.
  • All XML lodgement files come with a human readable files.
  • A digital audit trail of client data making it easy to address any tax administration inquiries.
Key Security Features


Easy and secure login to a dedicated and secure portal hosted on Citrix ShareFile.


Controlled and efficient upload of all client data on templates with double-layered passwords.


Straight through processing of client data within the secure environ of Citrix ShareFile.

Data Protection

Safeguarding clients' confidentiality and fully compliant with GDPR and Data Protection Act.

Technical Support

Access 24/7 online support from Hansuke's AEOI Reporting Services Team.                            

The Hansuke Advantage

Entity Classification:

We help firms with AEOI classification and the different due diligence obligations and reporting consequences.


AEoI Impact Assessment:

We help clients understand the
full impact of AEOI regimes and develop a clear action plan on how to become fully compliant.


On-boarding Due Diligence:

We help clients implement documentation and due diligence processes (including crosschecks with AML). Assisting with the evidencing of reportable accounts identification checks and collation of the reportable financial information.


Tax administration queries and disputes:

We specialise in helping clients address tax administration inquiries and resolving any disputes expeditiously.


Reporting Services:

Our end-to-end service facilitates the electronic lodgement of AEOI reports with the respective tax authority. We support AEOI filing in 80+ jurisdictions using a secure robust platform.

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