Reducing Tax Drag

Date and time
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
1:00 pm
2:00 pm

Invest Smart

Inspired by the recent launch of TaxScore by SIX, we are delighted to be hosting ‘Invest Smart’, a series of webinars diving deep into the ideas that are advancing the frontiers of investing.

Drawing upon the technical expertise and strategic thinking of SIX, TaxScore facilitates an informed and sophisticated approach to investment decision-making.

Seminar 1: Reducing Tax Drag


There are a number of tax touch points that impact investment portfolios. From investor taxation issues such as tax breaks and preferential gains treatment, to the taxation of fund vehicles including treaty access, through to the actual treatment of investment returns.

Tax can incentivise, dissuade, and distort investment processes. With an increasing focus on tax transparency, tax has been in the headlines often for the wrong reasons. A multitude of stakeholders are seeking to influence the debate.

We are delighted to assemble leading practitioners in the field to cover the following:

  • What role, if any, should tax play in the investment process?
  • Cacophony of competing voices - trade associations, domestic tax policy and trading blocs, interest groups (Principles for Responsible Investment, Oxfam etc)
  • Governance - US Supreme Court’s decision in Tibble v Edison International, establishing fiduciary duty (proper management of foreign tax reclaims)
  • Investment efficiency drivers - why capture information on tax inefficiencies, and what is the relevance for different jurisdictions?

Ali Kazimi
Managing Director
Hansuke Consulting

Ali is Managing Director at Hansuke and actively advises bank boards on financial, regulatory and governance matters. Ali brings over 25 years of financial services industry experience, after having held successive leadership roles including as Head of Tax at BlackRock and as International Partner of Deloitte UK and Middle East. Ali is a frequent speaker at conferences and has also written on wide range of topics including QI, AEoI (FATCA, CDOT and CRS), securities lending, sovereign fund investing, pension & asset pooling, multi‐manager investing, custodial structures, and stamp & transfer taxes.

Justin Urquhart-Stewart
Director & Co-Founder

Roy Zimmerhansl
Practice Lead
Pierpoint Financial Consulting

Jürg Stalder
Senior Product Manager

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